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Commercial Services

We provides commercial cleaning services to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Our  commercial cleaning services are designed to help maintain a clean, healthy, and safe working environment for employees, customers, and visitors.

• Sweep and damp mop all floors
• Vacuum all carpets and area rugs
• Dust and damp wipe all doors, light switches and glass partitions
• Dust and clean desks/office furniture
• Dust and clean all electronics
• Clean reception areas
• Dust and damp wipe baseboards
• Damp wipe window ledges
• Clean mirrors, picture frames
• Empty and disinfect waste containers
• Remove garbage to the designated area of the building


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• Dust and damp wipe cupboards, shelves
• Sanitize sink and disinfect counter tops
• Sanitize garbage container and re-bag
• All appliances cleaned including oven
• Cupboard under sink cleaned and organized
• Empty dishwasher
• Sweep and damp mop floors


• Clean wall tiles
• Sweep and mop resilient floors
• Sanitize counter-tops/sinks
• Polish all metal items such as faucets and handles
• Empty and disinfect sanitary disposal receptacles
• Clean all glass surfaces, mirrors and picture frames
• Clean and sanitize all toilet bowls
• Refill toilet tissue, soap and towel dispensers


• Sweep and damp mop all floors
• Dust and damp wipe all furniture and wood surfaces
• Dust and damp wipe all mirrors and picture frames
• Damp wipe all electronics with appropriate agent
• Dust and polish large wooden blinds
• Vacuum all rugs and upholstery
• Remove all trash to designated area and sanitize garbage cans


• Vacuum, mop, clean handrails


• Dust and clean glass surfaces
• Sweep and damp mop
• Vacuum all rugs

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