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We provide specialty cleaning solutions for many types of situations. Please contact us if we have not listed any other service that you may need.

Commercial Cleaning

• Sweep and damp mop all floors
• Vacuum all carpets and area rugs
• Dust and damp wipe all doors, light switches and glass partitions
• Dust and clean desks/office furniture
• Dust and clean all electronics
• Clean reception areas
• Dust and damp wipe baseboards
• Damp wipe window ledges
• Clean mirrors, picture frames
• Empty and disinfect waste containers
• Remove garbage to the designated area of the building

• Clean wall tiles
• Sweep and mop resilient floors
• Sanitize countertops/sinks
• Polish all metal items such as faucets and handles
• Empty and disinfect sanitary disposal receptacles
• Clean all glass surfaces, mirrors and picture frames
• Clean and sanitize all toilet bowls
• Refill toilet tissue, soap and towel dispensers

• Dust and damp wipe cupboards, shelves
• Sanitize sink and disinfect counter tops
• Sanitize garbage container and re-bag
• All appliances cleaned including oven
• Cupboard under sink cleaned and organized
• Empty dishwasher
• Sweep and damp mop floors

• Dust and clean glass surfaces
• Sweep and damp mop
• Vacuum all rugs

• Vacuum, mop, clean handrails

• Sweep and damp mop all floors
• Dust and damp wipe all furniture and wood surfaces
• Dust and damp wipe all mirrors and picture frames
• Damp wipe all electronics with appropriate agent
• Dust and polish large wooden blinds
• Vacuum all rugs and upholstery
• Remove all trash to designated area and sanitize garbage cans

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
In addition to Carpet Cleaning, we provide Professional Upholstery Cleaning, which can include sofas, arm chairs, and other upholstered furniture. Our superior Three-Step cleaning process is used to provide you with absolute high quality cleaning.
• Step One-Pre-Spray: Your upholstered furniture is pre-sprayed with a solution specifically created for built up dirt areas, designed to combat dirt in hard to reach areas (folds or crevices), and loosen up hard to remove stains.
• Step Two-Total Clean: Our advanced equipment provides a total clean deep into the fibers of your upholstered furniture through powerful hot water steam extraction.
• Step Three-Rinse: Our last step is a complete rinsing process that removes any remaining dirt along with our cleaning solution to leave your upholstered furniture looking at its best.

The Floor Grout Cleaning method that Sparkle Cleaning, Inc. uses, is composed of state of the art equiptment designed to blast away dirt or oil deposits by using our aerodynamic-engineered high pressured steam wash, and built in vacuum. It provides instant results, brightening and restoring the look of the floors, and leaves a cleaner looking grout.

Floor Grout Cleaning